A&P Mechanic Jobs Available Near You
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A&P Mechanic Jobs Available Near You!

If you’re a skilled A&P mechanic, it’s time to start looking for a new job! The industry is booming and there are plenty of jobs available near you. A&P mechanics are in high demand due to the increasing number of planes and helicopters that need servicing. If you’re looking for a new career, this could be the perfect opportunity for you!

What does an A&P or aircraft mechanic do?

What does an A&P or aircraft mechanic do?

An A&P mechanic is someone that inspects, repairs, and maintains aircraft. They are responsible for ensuring that the aircraft is safe and meets all regulatory requirements. A&P mechanics must have a thorough knowledge of how aircraft systems work and be able to troubleshoot problems.

If you work for the Boeing Company, they will contract a major modification to the assigned aircraft components. The A&P mechanic will be responsible for the development, fabrication, installation, and testing of the new or modified components. The personnel hired is also responsible for troubleshooting any hydraulics or engine issues that may arise.

Depending on the site a mechanic is doing maintenance on, they may also be asked to join the flight crew and do a pre-flight check of the aircraft systems and components. After the job is completed, a&p mechanics must fill out paperwork documenting their work.

Qualifications for becoming an A&P mechanic

To become an A&P mechanic, you will need to complete a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified training program. You will also need to pass a written exam and a practical test. Once you have your certification, you will need to keep up with continuing education requirements to maintain your license.

There are three levels of certification an a&p mechanic can achieve: Airframe, Powerplant, or Avionics.

Airframe: This level of certification allows a mechanic to work on the structural components of an aircraft.

Powerplant: This level of certification allows a mechanic to work on the engines of an aircraft.

Avionics: This level of certification allows a mechanic to work on the electronic systems of an aircraft.

An ideal candidate for companies would be a certified A&P mechanic with a minimum of five years of experience working on aircraft. The candidate should also have a strong understanding of aviation safety rules and regulations. Other duties and technical data may be required depending on the company you apply to.

If you are interested in a career as an A&P mechanic, search for jobs available near you today!

Most A&P mechanics work full time, and some companies may require overtime hours. The working environment is usually loud because of the tools and equipment used. Most mechanics work indoors in hangars or repair shops, but some may work outdoors.

A&P mechanics must be able to lift heavy objects, such as engines, and they must have a good sense of balance. They also need excellent hand-eye coordination to connect and disconnect fuel lines and electrical wiring.

Most A&P mechanic jobs require a high school diploma, but some employers may prefer candidates who have completed a formal training program. Many community colleges offer A&P mechanic programs that can be completed in 18 months to two years.

After completing a training program, A&P mechanics must take a written exam administered by the FAA to earn their certification. Some states also require mechanics to be licensed.

A&P mechanic careers and salaries

There are all kinds of different jobs for A&P mechanics, some of the highest paying jobs are:

-A&P Mechanic Instructor: An A&P mechanic instructor is responsible for teaching students the necessary skills to become an A&P mechanic. The instructor is also in the position to help students prepare for their FAA certification exam. The average salary for an A&P mechanic instructor is $85,000 a year.

-A&P Mechanic Supervisor: An A&P mechanic supervisor oversees a team of mechanics and is responsible for ensuring that they are productive and meeting deadlines. The average salary for an A&P mechanic supervisor is $81,000 a year.

-A&P Manager: An A&P manager is responsible for the overall management of an aviation maintenance facility. The manager may also work with clients that determine or can influence the type of work performed at the facility. The average salary for an A&P manager is $88,000 a year.

-A&P Mechanic Examiner: The A&P mechanic examiner is responsible for conducting examinations of aircraft to ensure that they are safe and meet all regulatory requirements. The average salary for an A&P mechanic examiner is $92,000 a year.

-A&P Mechanic for Corporate Aircraft Maintenance Facility: An A&P mechanic for a corporate aircraft maintenance facility is responsible for the overall maintenance of corporate aircraft. The average salary for an A&P mechanic for corporate aircraft maintenance facility is $84,000 a year.

-A&P Mechanic for Airline Maintenance Facility: An A&P mechanic for an airline maintenance facility is responsible for the overall maintenance of airline aircraft. An airline maintenance facility may require the mechanic to do a significant amount of cleaning depending on the manufacturing being done. The average salary for an A&P mechanic for an airline maintenance facility is $76,000 a year.

-A&P Mechanic for General Aviation Maintenance Facility: An A&P mechanic working in a general aviation maintenance facility is responsible for the overall maintenance of small to mid-size aircraft, like maintaining the tire health for the landing gear. The average salary for an A&P mechanic working for a general aviation maintenance facility is $54,000 a year.

New Mechanic Job Postings Near Me:

There are even some mechanic jobs that are remote work anywhere in the world such as:

Remote Mechanic Jobs Available

-A&P Mechanic for a Military Contractor: An A&P mechanic for a military contractor is responsible for the maintenance of military aircraft. Instead of carrying out the duties in person, this remote job requires that you oversee a team of mechanics who carry out the tasks. The average salary for this position is $84,000 a year.

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Salary and benefits for A&P mechanics

The median annual salary for an A&P mechanic is $64,090. The top earners in the field make over $100,000 annual salary. With a certification, an A&P mechanic can find a job anywhere in the country.

A&P mechanics also typically receive health insurance and retirement benefits from their employer. Some other benefits that these mechanics get that most people don’t know about the free or discounted travel on the airlines they work for as well as other perks.

The importance of A&P mechanics in the aviation industry

A&P mechanics are important to the aviation industry mainly because they are the ones responsible for maintaining and repairing aircraft. Without these skilled professionals, airplanes would not be able to take off or land safely.

When you perform maintenance or preventive maintenance as a lead mechanic, you take on the responsibility of a lot of people’s lives. You are responsible for making sure that the airplane is safe before it takes off and you will also be in charge of a team of other mechanics. You must be able to work well with others and have good communication skills.

Aviation maintenance from aircraft mechanics usually consists of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. Scheduled maintenance is done regularly, such as every 50 hours or 100 hours, while unscheduled maintenance is done when something breaks and needs to be fixed right away.

How to get an A&P or aircraft mechanic job alert

For the latest job alert with A&P mechanics or an aircraft mechanic job, simply sign up for notifications on our website. Once you create an account with us you can set up alerts that are customized to your preferences. That way, you’re always the first to know about new job postings!

A&P mechanics can find employment in a variety of settings, depending on their location by country or city.

-Several A&P mechanic schools across the United States offer certification.

-Many A&P mechanics find employment at small airports or FBOs.

-Others may find work with larger commercial airlines or repair stations.

No matter where you choose to work, being an A&P mechanic can be a very rewarding career. There are many opportunities available for those who are willing to look for them. So what are you waiting for? Start your search today!

Outlook for A&P and aircraft mechanic jobs

The outlook for A&P mechanic jobs is really good! The demand for these positions is expected to grow by about 15% in the next ten years. This means that there will be a lot of job opportunities for those who are qualified.

So if you’re interested in a career as an A&P mechanic, now is a great time to get started! You can also use our website to look for current job openings near you or based on locations you select with your account.

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