How To Find a New Job at 50
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How To Find a New Job at 50 – A Job Hunting Guide

It can be tough to find a new job at any age, but it can be especially challenging for professionals over the age of 50. Age discrimination is a real issue in the workforce, and many employers are hesitant to hire older workers. However, that doesn’t mean you should give up on your job search! There are plenty of things you can do to increase your chances of finding a new job.

In this article, we will discuss some tips for aging professionals who are looking to find a job, show you how to stand out in a company’s applicant tracking system, provide some career coach advice, and help you to land the job offer.

Start Your Job Search Right Away

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Update Your Resume & Cover Letter

Keep your resume and cover letter up to date

First and foremost, it is important to keep your resume and cover letter up to date. If your resume is outdated, it will be obvious to potential employers. Don’t be afraid to boast if you’ve owned your own business, you could be a shoo-in for an administrative position or leadership role right off the bat because of your previous experience.

Come to the table prepared. Make sure that your resume is one page — no more than two pages ideally. Your work history should be limited to 10 years and include only positive examples of what you’ve accomplished at each job, with an emphasis on skills that are relevant today (i.e., if you’re applying online then emphasize your previous position as a marketing manager). Summarize these details in bullet points so employers can quickly get a sense of who you are without having read through hundreds upon thousands of words.

Tailor your resume to relevant opportunities or a general job description instead of just one job or company. If you’re not sure how don’t worry, we have a blog article that explains exactly how you can create the perfect resume to show off your skill set, work history, and land you the perfect job.

Advertise Your Expanding Skills

Be sure to include any recent experience or new skills that you have acquired as well, you’ll want the competitive advantage in this new career. List any events or classes you have been attending recently. This will show that despite being older than most other candidates in this industry (or anywhere), it seems as though there is no slowing down for you!

It is also a good idea to remove any references to your age from your resume while you’re job hunting. For example, you might want to omit the date of your graduation from college and lengths of time working for each previous employer.

Avoid Looking Overqualified

Even if you are the perfect candidate for a position, an employer might hesitate to hire you if they think you’re overqualified. If this is a concern for you, be honest and upfront about it. You can explain that you’re looking for a new challenge or job change and how this job would fit perfectly into your career goals.

Another way to avoid looking overqualified is for job seekers to apply to jobs that are slightly below their skill level. This way, employers will see that you’re willing to take on a role that isn’t too far out of your comfort zone while still being able to utilize the skills and experience you have.

Highest Paying Jobs for Professionals Age 50+

Real Estate Agent

National Average Salary: $88,499 per year

Real estate agents are the backbone of any housing market. Their job is to assist clients with buying, selling, and renting property by creating listings for them that get matched up to potential buyers or renters looking in their area–and then they negotiate on behalf of both parties until an agreement has been reached.

Retail Manager

National Average Salary: $48,281 per year

Retail managers are in charge of making sure that all customers have a great experience when they visit a store. They hire employees to work at the location, set their shift schedule, and provide customer service throughout each day while also maintaining general upkeep, as well as promoting happiness among staff members.

Massage Therapist

National Average Salary: $28.22 per hour

Massage therapists use a variety of techniques to help their clients heal faster. They often discuss symptoms and set objectives for healing with each individual client, creating customized treatment plans that meet those needs as well as possible while also advising them about stretches they can do at home or in office chairs if necessary!

Private Tutor

National Average Salary: $21.45 per hour

A Tutors job is to help students master subjects and learn how to prepare for tests. They show the ropes of taking notes in class, doing your homework right after it comes home from being assigned at school – all while working with kids who may be feeling overwhelmed or underperforming because they’re just not used to it.

Mail Carrier

National Average Salary: $19.11 per hour

Mail carriers are the most important people in our mail system. Their job is to make sure that all of your important documents and packages get where they need to go on time, every day! A mail carrier’s job can be very challenging but also rewarding if you give them enough respect while working with each other as one team – like any good sports player would do against his opponent during competition season (or year).

Bus Driver

National Average Salary: $15.75 per hour

The job of a bus driver is to pick up and drop off passengers on a school bus, public transit bus, or private transportation operation. Bus drivers are the most important people on any bus. They’re responsible for making sure everyone gets where they need to go and back safely, setting decorum so riders can enjoy their ride.

Administrative Assistant

National Average Salary: $15.36 per hour

An administrative assistant is a perfect career for anyone looking to bring order and efficiency into the chaos of paperwork. They are responsible not only for handling tasks like filing documents, preparing paperwork, or greeting visitors but also for answering phones as well. Some offices may require someone who does this job to do more than just basic office duties too – such an arrangement can involve bookkeeping if there’s no one else capable of doing so.

Medical Records Technician

National Average Salary: $13.14 per hour

The job of a medical records technician is to be responsible for managing patient health information in digital databases and paper filing systems. These professionals need to know classification systems, coding of records as well as documenting history with their patients’ treatments; they also assist physicians by monitoring outcomes that may be related both at home or while abroad during travels if necessary – all without violating confidentiality guidelines.

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Don’t forget the power of networking!

Don’t forget the power of networking! Get connected with people in your industry, attend events to network with potential employers, let them know you are looking for a new job or a career change in the near future. Attend job fairs, webinars, or other events that can help you meet new contacts who may be able to help you land a new job. You never know when a friend or acquaintance might have the perfect opportunity for you.

Profile yourself on social media sites like LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. Post interesting facts that you learn at conferences or industry-related news articles to keep your followers interested in what’s happening with you professionally while also building relationships through networking channels such as phone calls, emails, etc., which will make it easier for them when they’re looking hiring candidates.

Create a Gmail Account

For some employers, having a Hotmail or AOL account might create an impression that you’re not a tech-savvy person. There are many telltale signs that your email account might be outdated. One of the most obvious is using Hotmail, AOL, or another older platform instead of Gmail to access emails on desktop devices at work – even if it’s just for business purposes! Some employers will see this as a negative because they consider these platforms too out of date.

Create a LinkedIn Profile

If you don’t already have one, you’ll want to create a LinkedIn profile. This is a great way for older job seekers to network with other professionals and learn about new technology and job offers. You can also use LinkedIn to research the job market and companies and positions that specifically interest you.

Make sure your LinkedIn profile page is up to date and includes all of your older jobs, relevant skills, and any recent jobs as well. You should also include a good current photo of yourself on your LinkedIn profile.

The current job market can be seen as difficult for an older job seeker, but there are ways that you can make it easier. With a little effort and perseverance, you’re sure to find the perfect job for you and your skill set.

Look For a Recruiter Who Specializes in Your Field

There are recruiters who focus specifically on connecting talented individuals with businesses in their specific field, so they may be more likely to have connections that can help you get your foot in the door. You can find these recruiters by searching online directories or asking people in your network if you know anyone who has used one.

Apply to Multiple Jobs

When you’re on the job hunt, you don’t want to apply for just one job and hope for the best. Apply for multiple new jobs and several new companies in order to increase your chances of getting hired.

Think outside the box! You might be a perfect fit for a job even if you don’t meet all of their requirements as an older worker. You can always improve your skills and learn new things by taking on jobs that are outside of what you typically do. It will also give prospective employers an opportunity to see how great of a worker you are, which could lead to promotions within the company or industry.

Do You Want to Work Remotely or In-Person?

In the current job market, there are plenty of opportunities for older candidates to work remotely. With the COVID-19 pandemic still going on, many companies have shifted to remote work in order to keep their employees safe.

However, some people may prefer to work in person. If you’re someone who likes working in an office or prefers face-to-face interaction, then you should look for In-Person job offers and careers. Start job searching online from anywhere for remote and in-person jobs near you today with Finding Careers new career job board!

Be Flexible About Salary

The number one rule of going after a new career or joining a new company is to be flexible about salary. That’s because many over 50 workers set their minimum requirements at what they earned previously, only to become disappointed when an offer comes out to be less money than that — but don’t let it get you down!

You may have some opportunities on hand like getting perks such as more vacation time or flexibility with work hours, so be sure to ask a hiring manager or potential employer if these things are important before cycling through several different interviews all day long.

Focus on Companies That Hire People Your Age

There are plenty of companies that focus on hiring older job seekers. AARP has a list of the top 50 employers for people over the age of 50:

– AbbVie

– Ameriprise Financial

– Apple

– AT&T

– Banner Health

– Boeing

– BrightStar Care Home Healthcare & Nursing Agency

– The Container Store

– Costco Wholesale

– Cummins

– Dell Technologies

– Exelon Corporation

– FedEx Ground Package System, Inc.

and so many more!

Some of these companies have programs specifically for hiring older workers, while others are simply more open to applicants of all ages. When you’re applying to jobs, look for language that indicates the company is supportive of an age-diverse workforce. You can also research a company’s policies on their website before applying or during an interview.

Consider a Career with a Small Businesses

You might have a better chance of getting hired if you’re over 50 and want an opportunity within the company, as competition will be less intense at these types of organizations than it would be for larger corporations with many applicants vying after each position on their list.

Brush Up On Your Interview Skills

Next, take some time to brush up on your interview skills. This is especially important if you haven’t had a job interview in many years. There are plenty of resources available at Finding Careers that can help you prepare for an interview with a hiring manager.

Some key things to remember for a potential job interview are:

Contact a Hiring Manager

When applying for jobs, it is always a good idea to reach out directly to an employer or hiring manager and ask about the hiring process. Sometimes this will get your application taken seriously enough that you’ll have an interview or even be offered employment!


Research the company beforehand and be able to speak intelligently about its products, services, or mission. This will help you to better tailor your resume and interview, but it will also help you to decide what type of position and work environment you’d prefer.

Arrive Early

Arriving early shows not only that you’re reliable, but punctual as well. It also gives you time to collect your thoughts and relax before the interview process begins.

Dress For Success

Dressing for success is always important, but first impressions are key in an interview. Even if the dress code is casual, you’ll want to make sure that you look polished, professional, and ready to make more money as an older worker.

Come Prepared

Be prepared to answer common interview questions that hiring managers throw at you, such as “Tell me about yourself”, “What are your strengths and weaknesses?”, “What makes you a good fit for this job?”, etc.

Ask Questions

Ask questions about the company or position during the interview. This shows that you’re truly interested in the job and not just looking for any job that comes your way.

Follow Up

Follow up with a thank-you note or email to the hiring managers after the interview. This shows good manners and appreciation for the interviewer’s time.

Reassure a Younger Manager

If you’re interviewing with a younger manager, reassure them that you’re just as capable and hardworking as younger workers. Use your experience and tech skills to your advantage and highlight how it makes you the perfect candidate for the job.

Show You’re Tech Savvy

With the rise of new technology, it’s important to stay on top of trends and developments as you age. With an understanding of modern technologies, you will have better chances when searching online and finding a new position or career path.

Use current terms to list the computer programs you have experience with. Avoid listing old systems and software that companies don’t use anymore, though; focus on technologies relevant for this job or industry instead.

Don’t Get Discouraged

Don’t Get Discouraged! Job hunting is a process.

Finally, don’t get discouraged if it takes a little longer to land a job than it did when you were younger. You want to stay positive and confident. This can be difficult after being unemployed for a while, but it’s important to remember that you have valuable skills, new ideas, and experience to offer. Utilize your network, brush up on your interviewing skills, and stay positive throughout the process. You’ve got this, no matter what age!

Finding a New Job Can Be Easy

Your job search doesn’t need to be difficult, it can be easy! By following this guide, you can put yourself in a great position to find a new job or career at the age of 50.

With a little effort, perseverance, and help from your friends at Finding Careers, you’ll land the job of your dreams in no time!

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