How to Get a Job at Amazon
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How to Get a Job at Amazon: Warehouse Jobs and Work from Home Jobs

Looking for a job or career at Amazon? You’re in luck! Amazon is one of the largest and most popular retailers in the world. They also are almost always hiring new employees. In this guide, we will show you how to apply for Amazon jobs, how the hiring process works, and display job opportunities for both Amazon warehouse jobs and work-from-home jobs that are currently available with an easy application process so you can find your dream job from the comfort of your couch.

How to Apply For Amazon Jobs

If you are interested in applying for an Amazon warehouse job or a work-from-home job, the first step is to fill out an online application. If you think you have what it takes to work at Amazon, don’t hesitate to click on a job listing on this page and apply!

Don’t Bother With Cover Letters

Amazon, like many modern tech industry companies, does not waste time with formalities in the job application process. Amazon does not accept cover letters and only contacts candidates who have passed the initial screening process to set up an interview.

After your application has been reviewed and you have passed the initial screening process, you will be contacted for a phone interview or on-site interview.

Then How Does Amazon Evaluate Candidates?

Amazon still looks for a traditional resume, with your personal contact information, a valid phone number, and a brief description of your educational achievements, professional experience, previous job duties, and work responsibilities.

The key to acing the job application process is writing a keyword-rich resume; Amazon will look for a resume that has keywords that match the job title you are applying for. If you are selected to begin the interview process, you can expect online assessments and behavioral-based interview questions which focus on Amazon’s Leadership Principles.

Writing a Keyword Rich Resume

When you submit your resume to Amazon, the company uses an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to scan your resume for keywords and technical skills that match the job description. For example, if you want to be a software engineer you’ll want to include keywords relative to software engineering in your resume and job application.

If your resume is selected, it will be forwarded to hiring managers for further review.

Acing The Online Assessments

During the interview process, you’ll be given online assessments which will test your ability to perform certain tasks and how you would react in various situations. You can also expect Amazon interviewers to ask behavioral questions which are meant to assess your ability to handle customer service interactions, work well under pressure, and stay calm when faced with difficult challenges.

A Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

Amazon is an equal opportunity employer and therefore does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, or any other legally protected status.

Amazon offers a wide variety of jobs in many different locations across the United States so that everyone has an opportunity to find a job that suits their needs.

Amazon Job Categories

As a large company, Amazon needs employees in a wide range of job titles, and open positions are available for anything from computer science to warehouse workers and other positions. Amazon even has student programs to new workers get started in their careers.

Depending on which type of job you are applying for, the hiring process may vary. If you are applying for a job at an Amazon warehouse, you can expect in-person interviews. If you are applying for a work-from-home job, you may expect a phone interview or live video call.

Amazon Warehouse Jobs

Amazon’s warehouses are spread across the United States and many other countries too, and most orders are fulfilled by employees working in these warehouses.

Amazon warehouse jobs are available for a variety of positions, including pickers, packers, and sorters. These jobs may require you to lift heavy objects or stand for long periods of time, so if you have any physical limitations you should make sure to mention them during the interview process.

Amazon Jobs Near Me

To apply for an Amazon warehouse job, simply click on the open job listing on this page and start the profile creation process, or visit the Amazon hiring website to search for another position.

Amazon Work-From-Home Jobs

Customer Service Representatives

If you have a customer obsession and are passionate about delighting customers, this is the job for you! You will be interacting with customers via phone and chat to answer questions and resolve issues. Full-time and part-time positions are available, as well as flexible schedules.

Software Development Engineers

As a software development engineer, you will have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects that will help shape and define Amazon’s technology landscape. You will be responsible for the design, development, testing, and deployment of new features and functionality. In addition, you will also be required to provide technical leadership to a team of engineers.

Most of these computer science jobs require a bachelor’s degree, but with Amazon’s growth, they are always looking for top talent with experience only too.

Amazon Recruiter

Amazon recruiters are responsible for finding, screening, and hiring Amazon employees for a variety of jobs and amazon careers. As an Amazon recruiter, you will use your knowledge of the job market to find qualified candidates for open positions.

You will also be responsible for conducting interviews and assessing candidates’ qualifications. To be an Amazon recruiter, you must have excellent communication and people skills. In addition, you must be able to effectively manage a high volume of applications and candidate profiles.

Benefits of a Job at Amazon

As a full-time Amazon employee, you can expect benefits like medical, dental, and vision insurance coverage, as well as 401(k) and company stock options.

Amazon also offers employees a number of other benefits, including:

– paid time off

– maternity and parental leave, and free access to a network of millions of caregivers for when you come back to work.

– adoption assistance

– health care flexible spending accounts

– commuter benefits

– tuition reimbursement

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