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How To Make It In Entertainment Marketing

Are you interested in a career in entertainment marketing? If so, this is the blog post for you! In this post, we will discuss what entertainment marketing is and what types of jobs are available in the field. We will also provide tips on how to launch your career in entertainment marketing. So, whether you are just starting or you are looking to switch careers, read on for information on how to get started in entertainment marketing!

What does an entertainment marketing career involve?

What does an entertainment marketing career involve?

The entertainment world is all about brand marketing and digital marketing now. Streaming entertainment has become worldwide theatrical home entertainment.

An entertainment marketing career involves working with celebrities, entertainment companies, and/or digital media platforms to promote content and/or products. For example, you could work with a movie studio to help promote their latest film release or you could work with a streaming service to market their original programming.

Entertainment marketing is a fast-paced and ever-changing field, so it is important to be up-to-date on the latest trends in both digital marketing and entertainment.

What types of jobs are available in entertainment marketing?

There are many different types of jobs available in entertainment marketing. Some examples include:

Social Media Manager:

A social media manager is someone that works with media coverage for brand programs or influencer talent recommendations. They are responsible for creating social media content, managing social media accounts, and analyzing social media metrics. The skills you should have as a social media manager are excellent writing, communication, and organizational skills.

salary: $71,000

Event Planner:

An event planner is someone responsible for organizing and executing events. They work with clients to determine the purpose of the event, select the venue, manage the budget, coordinate logistics, and oversee all other aspects of event planning. The skills you should have as an event planner has excellent communication, organizational, and problem-solving skills.

salary: $50,000


A publicist is someone that works to generate positive publicity for their client through print media, online media, television, and radio. They are responsible for writing press releases, arranging interviews, and managing media relations. The skills you should have as a publicist are excellent writing, communication, negotiation, and organizational skills.

salary: $58,000

Marketing Coordinator:

Marketing coordinators work with studio partners mainly from cities like Los Angeles or Santa Monica and assist in the creation and execution of marketing plans. This can include working on ad campaigns, arranging promotional events, handling social media, and conducting market research. To be a good marketing coordinator, you should have excellent communication, writing, organizational, and problem-solving skills.

salary: $50,000

Entertainment Lawyer:

An entertainment lawyer is responsible for representing clients in the entertainment industry. This can include actors, musicians, writers, directors, producers, and other professionals in the field. The duties of an entertainment lawyer vary depending on their client’s needs but can involve contract negotiation, litigation representation, copyright law advice, and more. If you’re interested in becoming an entertainment lawyer then you will need to have excellent research skills.

salary: $85,000

Brand Manager:

A brand manager is someone responsible for the overall marketing strategy of a brand. This can include managing advertising, public relations, product development, and sales. A brand manager needs to have strong analytical skills to be able to understand data and make decisions based on that data. They also need to be creative to come up with new marketing ideas and campaigns. If you’re interested in becoming a brand manager then you should have a bachelor’s degree in marketing or a related field.

salary: $75,000

Some entertainment industry partners like Disney Streaming San Francisco or Sony Pictures Entertainment need marketing campaigns to be entertainment-centric. That’s where an entertainment marketer comes in – to create a memorable and shareable campaign that will generate buzz and excitement around a film, tv show, or streaming service.

Skills and experience you need to succeed in the entertainment industry

Some of the skills needed to be an entertainment marketer include:

– Creativity

– Organization

– Communication

– Writing

– Public speaking

If you have experience in marketing and are looking for a career change, or if you’re fresh out of college and looking to start your career in an exciting industry, a career in entertainment marketing might be perfect for you!

How to get started with entertainment marketing jobs

The best way to get started in the entertainment industry is by going to entertainment events or local television shows. Domestic television marketing budgets are typically very large, so entertainment marketers have a lot of responsibility.

Attending entertainment events is a great way to network and meet people who work in the industry. You can also get a feel for the type of work that entertainment marketers do. There are many different types of entertainment marketing jobs, so it’s important to find one that fits your skills and interests.

Local television shows are another great way to get started in entertainment marketing. Most local television stations have an intern program where you can learn about the different aspects of production and marketing.

Working in entertainment marketing is a great way to use your creativity and communications skills. If you’re interested in starting a career in entertainment marketing, try some of these tips out.

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Typical job duties of an entertainment marketer

Job responsibilities differ from the career path you choose. Branded entertainment in Los Angeles CA, Beverly Hills CA, or Santa Monica CA at a production company will look different than working as an entertainment publicist in Atlanta GA.

Most entertainment marketers work their way up from an entry-level position. However, if you have a four-year degree in marketing or communications and some related experience, you may be able to qualify for a mid-level entertainment marketing job.

Here are some common job duties of entertainment marketers:

  1. Researching and identifying new opportunities for client projects
  2. Brainstorming creative ideas for client projects
  3. Writing proposals and presentations
  4. Managing budgets
  5. Negotiating contracts with vendors
  6. Planning and executing events
  7. Creating and managing social media campaigns

If you’re interested in a career in entertainment marketing, you’ll want a strong understanding of video editing experience and be able to execute communication in a highly organized business.

Salary and career growth potential for entertainment marketers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics website, entertainment marketers make a median salary of $62,560.

The top entertainment marketing firms are always on the lookout for new talent. An entertainment marketing career offers good job prospects and growth potential. Many entertainment marketers start their careers as interns or entry-level employees and work their way up to management positions.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in entertainment marketing, be sure to check out our Entertainment Marketing Careers page for more information. Sign up for job alerts and don’t forget to comment below to share your thoughts. Thanks for reading!

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