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The Best Jobs That Keep You Fit: How To Choose

Are you looking for a job that will help keep you in shape? If so, you’re in luck! There are many jobs out there that require a lot of physical activity and can help you stay healthy. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best careers for staying in shape. So, if you’re looking to get fit while making money then you came to the right place!

Here are some of the top careers for staying fit and getting paid:

Personal Trainer:

Become a Personal Trainer

Okay, this one is pretty obvious for a lot of reasons but it’s still considered one of the most physically demanding jobs. Personal trainers have to be in excellent shape themselves to lead by example and motivate their clients. They also need to be able to lift heavy weights, run long distances, and perform other strenuous activities. As fitness trainers, they work with individual clients to reduce stress in their daily life and focus on as staying physically fit as possible. This career can make really good money for celebrity personal trainers but otherwise on average make $42,000 a year.

Dance Instructor:

Dance instructors create dance routines like a fitness instructor creates exercise classes for physical fitness. New dance routines can take as long as several months to create, so the dance instructor must be very patient. To teach different types of dance, instructors need to have a strong understanding and knowledge of the history, culture, and origins of each type of dance. They also need to be able to physically perform the dances they are teaching to lead by example. Dance instructors make on average a salary of $44,000 a year.


You might not think of farmers as being particularly fit, but they have to do a lot of physical labor. They need to be able to lift a significant amount, walk long distances, and stand for long periods. Farmers also need to be in good physical shape so that they can handle the demands of their job. Upper body strength is crucial to have an active job and farmers are no exception with the amount of time they spend carrying, lifting, and moving heavy objects. This career choice makes on average surprisingly $135,000 a year.

Construction Worker:

Construction workers are another group of people who need to be in good physical shape. They need to be able to lift heavy objects, walk long distances, and stand for long periods. Construction workers also need to be able to handle the demands of their job. Many employers ask their construction workers to work outdoors in stressful situations with heavy materials like structural iron. The fresh air can be a plus on the job while staying physically fit working with heavy equipment. This career makes on average $38,000 a year.

Police Officer:

One of the most physically active jobs out there is police officers. Forget fitness goals, you won’t have to stay active on your days off when your career keeps you fit. The job of a police officer is to protect and serve the public. They are required to have excellent physical stamina as the nature of their job demands it. Many times they are required to run after criminals, climb over obstacles, and be able to subdue unruly individuals. The median salary for a police officer is $61,000 a year.


How to become a firefighter

Running into burning buildings and climbing ladders takes more than just skills. A firefighter has to know first aid, have excellent problem-solving abilities, and be in great shape. Most firefighters work 24-hour shifts, which means they are on call day and night. The job is physically demanding as firefighters have to lift heavy equipment and hoses, climb stairs with fully loaded packs, and use power tools. Firefighters also need to be able to work in confined spaces. The median salary for a firefighter is $50,000 a year.

Correctional Officer:

Correctional officers is another physically active job that keeps you fit. Like police officers, they are required to have excellent physical stamina. They need to be able to run after criminals, climb over obstacles, and subdue unruly individuals. They also have an occupational therapy assistant to help deal with the mental stress of the job. The median salary for a correctional officer is $43,000 a year.


Paramedics are one of the most important and physically active jobs you could have. They are required to be in excellent physical shape so they can lift patients, carry equipment, and administer any treatment plans to relieve pain or help save a life. Healthcare facilities require paramedics to be physically active for long periods. The median salary for a paramedic is $70,000 a year.


Not only does this career require a bachelor’s degree but registered nurses also need to be in good physical shape. They need to be able to lift and move patients, as well as stand for long periods. Nurses also need to have a high level of stamina since they often work long shifts. This career can be both mentally and physically demanding, but it is also very rewarding. A registered nurse working at health care facilities, community centers, and other locations, is a physically demanding job. That’s why this career on average pays a salary depending on the specialization of $60,000 a year. If you are interested in becoming a nurse, we have a ton of helpful articles!

Physical Therapist:

Other jobs may only require a high school diploma but this job not only takes skills but also requires you to stay fit. Physical therapists have to carry people sometimes and have one of the most active jobs. They also have to have a lot of stamina to be on their feet most of the day. The average salary for this job is $86,850 per year.

Local Construction Job Listings:

The most physically active jobs in the world

Active jobs can include manual labor but require little to no skills such as walking tours, tour guides, and dog walkers. A dog walker might walk as much as 10 miles a week or more. A postal worker requires you to be in the best shape of your life because you have to carry heavy packages and walk long distances. Most people wouldn’t consider a mailman having one of the most active jobs you could have but they do!

The jobs that require the most physical activity are usually jobs that involve manual labor such as construction workers, landscapers, and farmhands. These jobs force you to be strong and in shape because they require a lot of lifting, carrying, and digging. If you are looking for a job that will keep you in shape, these are the jobs you should be applying for!

There are a lot of benefits to having a physical job

Jobs that keep you fit are important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is hard to stay motivated to go to the gym when you have a desk job. Jobs that keep you fit not only improve your physical health but also improve your mental health. When you are physically active, your body releases endorphins which have mood-boosting effects. So not only will a job that keeps you fit help you stay in shape, but it will also help you feel better mentally.

An active career you might not expect

Find out how to become a flight attendant today

There are a lot of jobs out there that help you stay active like flight attendants. A flight attendant has to be sure of the safety of the passengers on the plane. They have to be able to lift heavy suitcases and walk up and down the aisle quickly. Another job that keeps you active is a personal trainer. A personal trainer’s job is to help people reach their fitness goals. They design workout plans and help motivate their patients to stay fit. Event planners, tour guides, and repair workers all have aspects of their job that keep them moving as well.

So if you’re looking for a job that will help you stay in shape, there are plenty of options out there for you! Just make sure to do your research and find one that’s the right fit for you.

What are some of the most physically demanding jobs?

Not to take away from what a massage therapist does or the equipment a wind turbine technician works on but there is a difference between active and physically demanding jobs. Jobs that are considered to be physically demanding are jobs that require workers to:

-Lift heavy objects regularly

-Climb ladders or scaffolding

-Dig trenches

-Work in awkward positions

Some examples of these jobs include construction worker, firefighter, and agricultural worker. These jobs can be both active and physically demanding because of the number of time workers spend on their feet as well as the lifting, carrying, and other necessary movements required to do the job.

One step forward, 157 million steps back

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that “In 2012, there were about 157 million jobs in the United States. Of these, 23 percent were in occupations that were classified as physically demanding.” This means that nearly one out of every four jobs in America is a physically demanding job. Fast forward to today and the bureau says that this number has increased to 24.

So, if you are looking for a job that will help you stay fit, you won’t have to look too far. Here are some of the most physically demanding jobs in America:

-Construction worker


-Farm worker

-Commercial fisherman

-Physical therapist

-Truck driver

-Police officer/firefighter

While you may not have considered some of these jobs as being “fit,” they all require a certain level of physical activity that these careers demand. It’s important to remember that not all careers were made equal.

Best of both worlds

Learn more about a career in the culinary industry

Although many jobs that keep you fit are physically demanding, some jobs are not as physically demanding but still require a good amount of activity. These jobs might include:





Salespeople, for example, are often on their feet moving around the store or walking from customer to customer. Teachers are constantly moving around the classroom and may even have to lift students or equipment. Nurses also spend a lot of time on their feet, walking between patients’ rooms. Chefs still have to stand on their feet for long periods, but they also have to move around the kitchen a lot.

So, if you’re looking for a job that will help you stay in shape, consider one of these physically demanding jobs. You might be surprised at how much exercise you get just by doing your job! If you enjoyed reading this article between looking at stock quotes, leave us a comment!

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